May 17, 2006

Winner =)

Or should I say Wiener!?! lol...i just knew you would get it....Kristen was the winner...now I jsut have to figure out something fun, and get it in the mail =) Yes today is Jordan Knight's Birthday, remember him...from New Kids on the Block!?

My dream guy...my stud muffin...lol, or so i thought way back when, when I was 10. Still to this day he hold a special place in my heart, he always will he was my first love =) He sang "baby i believe in you", and turned me into one of those maniac screaming girls =) Yep I admit it!!! So now you know the secret of my favorite number too...517, in honor of my firt love!!!


  1. LOL....
    You girls are such GROUPIES!!
    hahaha...I can just picture all 3 of you sitting around at the age of 60 and still talking about your teen idol crushes with the wonderment of teenagers in your giggles.
    I pity your poor grand-kids having to listen to you all carry on and on and on... about "The New Kids On the Block"
    And from above..as I look down, I'll just shake my head with laughter...LOL
    Love ya

  2. i was the hugest "blockhead" as well [joe was my man though]...i too still remember all of their birthdays too! LOL! so funny!


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