May 4, 2006

Slacking again

Yep that is me. If I keep up with this darn blog thing, then it seems like all the rest goes to putz. Why is that!? Why can't I just be like Martha Stewart and have everything perfect all the time!?! Been busy crazy with life lately. Totally living it up and loving it.
-Spending lots of time with the boys, playing outside, practicing baseball =) so much fun!! Drew is into Chicken Little right now and everytime he swings the bat he says "Today is a new day" lol it is too cute!!
-John had ankle surgery today, to take out some broken bone that was floating around in there. It was a long boring day for me sitting in a freezing waiting room, but thank god all went well. He is downstairs snoozing on the couch now, a good a can be!!!
-We found out today (my cousin) Melissa is having a BOY!!!!! Yipee =) That makes me happy, another little boy to have as a playmate, love that!!
-I was freakin out last week waiting on old aunt flo to pay me a visit. After my baby lusting I just knew it was going to be another long 9 months...but alas she showed her ugly face and all is back to normalcy, happy but not so happy about that one =)


  1. I was wondering when you were going to up date us!!
    Tell Mish:.. CONGRATS (oh yeah: Claude also..lol)
    Ok...now, enough with the boy things...we need a sweet little girl to pamper with barbies and such :-)
    Love ya

  2. Hey girlie - you have been busy!!! Glad everything is okay w/your hubby! I HATE THE ER!!
    And sorry about aunt flo visiting (it took me a while to figure that out, lol) =)


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