May 3, 2006

I miss...

Those days, the days when you were so small and sweet. Your cute baby face and round chubby cheeks. Gummy baby kisses and slippery baby slobber all over. Little clothes, little diapers, baby thing all around the house. The sweet sound of your laughter, and cries. The sweet smell of your baby soft skin, those big blue eyes. Holding you in my arms, cuddling with you all day long. Watching you taking everything in, when it was all so new. This photo of you was taken the day you first learned to sit, and it was such a major milestone. So much time has passed since then, and I can not believe how big you are today. I love the little boy you are becoming, but I sure do miss those baby days, that now seem so long ago. I have totally been having baby fever the past few weeks. I see babies everywhere and just stare at how small and sweet they are. I love my boys to death and each new day is such an adventure, to say the least...but I really miss having a baby around!! I really would like another baby...a girl per say, but then I don't...because I am so very content with my two. What is a girl to do!?!

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  1. Is someone getting "baby fever"?? Very sweet layout!!


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