April 6, 2006

Wild Child

Yep, he is...Drew is definetely my wild child!!
I never would have thought that anything could top Dylan, but I was wrong. This one is a terror, lol!! He has no fear, jumps from anything and everything. Climbs anything he can..all the way to the top. Screams loud enough to break glass. Knows how to unlock doors, and goes out them. Puts everything in his mouth. Sticks his little fingers in everything...sigh...it gives me a heart attack just thinking about it!! He scared me somethimes, how grown up he thinks he is and acts, yet he is only 2. Oh and boy, he sure knows how to get out of trouble too...one sweet look and he is golden...little stinker :)


  1. What a mama's boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL..
    Uncle Mike & I can't get over HOW MUCH he looks like his Great-Grandma Adams!!..His smile is identical.
    Trust me MOM..no kid ever dies from putting everything in his mouth. Just wait until it's *toe-nails...LOL
    Love ya

  3. lol. How cute is that. It's really unfair because you can't get mad at them. Makes parenting so much harder.


  4. oh dear... I have the girly version here I know what it feels like LOL


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