April 18, 2006

Did everyone...

Have a nice Easter??
We did.

The boys loved what the Easter bunny left them, Dylan was excited about his V-smile game and Drew...well Drew LOVED the CHOCOLATE. He was so funny!! He ate 2 chocolate bunnies before breakfast. Then he decided to throw them up at the breakfast table when I tried to get him to eat his eggs....ick. Life with kids, you gotta love it!! We did the whole egg hunt thing and our annual plastic easter egg fight in the living room with fun Uncle Jim. We had a great dinner and watched Walk The Line. Good times, spent with family!!


  1. It looks like he is holding onto Mr. Potato Head for dear life!

  2. I LOVE the Easter Bunny potato head...we only have Darth Tater in the house :p

    Glad you guys had a good Easter!!


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