March 9, 2006

Got it!!!

Yep, I caved...thanks in no part to Melissa :)
While shopping Tuesday she just so happened to call her hubby, to have him look up on the computer a store that sold Vera Bradley stuff..so as soon as we dragged the kiddo-s out of the Disney store we headed straight there!!!

Sigh.........it was heaven, I am so in love with all the fun pretty patterns and colors of their bags. This pattern, petal pink, is by far my favorite, but I will always LOVE my apple green bag (shown here behind the purse).

I really wish that Melissa and I lived closer together, so we could have more fun shopping trips like we did on Tuesday, just us and the boys spending the day togther...so much fun!! Although it is probably a good thing that we don't, because I know she would have me spending more money :)


  1. Ooh, LOVE the purses! So cute, so fun, so hip... and I adore the colors!!!!! =)

  2. Not my fault!!!!!!!


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