March 27, 2006

breathing (slowly) a sigh of relief

Today I took a breth, a slow hard breath and a sigh of relief. For the past month I have been having chest pains, and trouble breathing. It has really bothered me right after being in a place with a lot of smoke (aka the freakin bowling alley...ick). So Last night after breaking down and freaking John out he convinced me to go to th Dr and get checked out. I was seriously freaked, thinking it was Asthma or lung cancer...so freaked, crazy I know...but true. I really think that has been part of my worries and moods lately, not knowing and having anxiety over finding out. Ok, let me just stop right ther and say I am toally like my Grandma, I hate going to the Dr. and taking medication. "I just don't believe in it", is what she would always say and now that she is gone I find myslelf doing and thinking the same thing. I found out today that I have some sort of bronchitis and sinusitis with inflamed bronchial tubes, which is causing my pain. So I have tons of meds to take, and I am hopefully going to get better :) Although right now I am seriously light headed and feel like a space cadet, but hey whatever gets me better huh!?

Oh, did I mention how much I love my hubby???? He took the day off work to go with me and make sure I was ok. I sure got lucky with that one, he is my rock and I don't know what I would do without him!!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon...with a gene pool like ours you can't help but worry about stuff like this, even when it's usually nothing serious.

  2. You are like grandma. Why didn't you say anything before?


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