January 3, 2006

2005 Resolutions...Recap

These were my resolutions last year. I think overall I did pretty well on most of them.
1. Exercise - ok this one not so much, I really need to get into a routine and make exercise a priority this year.
2. Read books-I read somewhere around 10 books this past year, pretty good with my busy schedule and all. This year I want to make it 12, one per month (another new resolution to add to my ever-growing list)
3. Scrapbook-I didn't make the 250 pages I hoped for, but I did do a lot and got published!!! Which was my main goal :) I also started teaching classes, which I love!! This year I have a lot of new scrapbook goals for myself, along with them I hope to record more of the everyday memories, and finish Tonia and Ben's wedding album...Before their 2nd wedding anniversary....oy :(
4. Share my feelings-this was a tough one for me. I really need to overcome my fears and share my emotions. I keep them to myself so I don't get hurt, yet I miss all the good emotions too. This resolution will be a life long one and I am working on it everyday. As for me and hubby, things are good. I couldn't be happier with him by my side :)
5. The Boys-spending time with them is my number one priority this year. This resolution had it's good days and it's bad ones. This year I really need to get Dylan ready for school, since he will be starting pre-K in the fall (YIKES!!), and potty training is in the near future for Mr. Drew, hopefully!!

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