December 11, 2005

It's been a while...

Ok, so I guess it has been a wile since I did some bloging...I guess I just haven't had much to say lately. Well ok, I have but I just never got to typing it up here on my blog. This weekend has been crazy, I can't believe I am going to say this, but I really can wait for the week to start, so things will be a little less crazy!!!

Yesterday we had Johns work Cristmas Party to go to, which was a lot of fun for the boys. They even got to talk to Santa and tell him what they want him to bring them. Then we went to visit another Santa and get the boys photos taken. Drew was much beter than last year, I am sure you remember those photos :) Then we headed home for our monthly Euchre party.

Today we got up bright and early to get some Christmas shopping done a t Target. Got Dylan completely finished, and only need one or two more things for Drew. We came home and woke up Dylan with Pannycakes and a kisses, to wish him a very Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Yes today my first born turned 4. Can you believe it...4. I know, 4 is old. 4 is near 5 and 5 just scares the crap out of me :( I know I am weird. But 5 is usually when kids start school and I am just soooo not ready to even think about that. I know I will be "that mother", you know the one who cries at the bus stop, on the first day of school. Yes, that will totally be me. Ok, enough of my future forecasts. Today was a great Day for Dylan. He had a fun party (with the coolest spiderman balloon) and got great gifts. Then we went to the movie theater and saw Chicken Little (Drews 1st movie), and we were the only ones in there. Being the only ones in there, made the whole movie experience with young kids that much better :)So all in all he is one happy little 4 year old.

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  1. Happy birthday Dylan!! He is such a sweetie...I still smile when I think about the boys on our playdate :)


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