October 6, 2005

Who forgot to wake me up!?!

is anybody out there...
is anyone reading this stupid so called BLOG of mine!?!
Did I, or did I not say to wake me up when September ends...? lol =)
It is already the 6th of October...for cryin out loud...
Where did this year go!?!

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  1. Hey Jennifer - just would like to raise my hand and say I still read but I am so guilty of not leaving comments and I am sorry! Most of the time when I am blog reading I will cycle through all the ones I like to read but since my times is limited I very rarely leave a comment. I usually do that whole comment thing if start one of those 2Peas threads.

    I am so jealous that you go to go see Green Day. I have seen them like 4 times and they were just here in Vegas the other night and since there were no good tickets left we opted not to go. BUt my DH redeemed himself and I get to go see DMode next month! Love all the ribbon you have pictured - I am a ribbon buying addict too - I just bought like almost all of the new AC ribbon and some of the new Maya road ones too. The Maya Road ribbon rocks especially the new stuff coming out at Memory Trends.

    So anyway - YES I am here reading or lurking or whatever you want to call it but I guess I just need to get off my duff once in awhile and leave comments!

    take care and hope you have a great week!


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