October 18, 2005

love these boys...

I just can't get over that, how completely and totally full of love they make me. Sure we have our days, some bad moments, but it is the days like this that make me realize how much I love them!! :)

I took this photo of us Friday afternoon, while we were waiting for the Homecoming parade to start. It was the usual parage, the band, some floats, football players, cheerleaders, firetrucks, and CANDY!!!! Dylan was extremely excited, and whenever anyone walked past and didn't throw him candy he said, under his breath, "Where's my candy!?!". He-he, I got a laugh out of it. We live right across the street from where the parade starts, so the boys made-out like bandits with the candy. Just check out Drew's pockets here, they were stuffed full!!

We also had a lunch pail, and Dylan's and my pockets full. Now they really don't need to go trick-or-treating, because they already have so much candy!!


  1. These are great pictures...Did they eat all the candy? Talk about a sugar-high!!! I bet they were bouncin' off the walls!

  2. that is adorable!


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