September 6, 2005

To clarify...

I guess I never really said what we were doing to our house...did I!? I guess I just assumed everyone already knew...Oops...

We are adding another level/floor to our house. Right now it is a so called tri-level and we are making it in to a so called quad-level. We are adding 2 bedrooms (one for each of the boys) a bathroom, and a closet.

Right now the roof is completely gone. We still have all the ceilings in our house, just the roof and attic space are gone. It looks so strange(pictures to come..)Anyway, tomorrow "The Builder Guys" (what Dylan calls them) will be back to start putting up the tresses and boards for the new addition. As for the rest of the work, well that will be up to us. We are just having the basic frame put up, John will be doing the new roof, the siding, and the insides of the new addition. It will be a long time coming. A work in progress, and hopefully one day will be able to live in it. But for now it has only just begun!!


  1. According to Brianna your house is already huge...I can't wait to see the pictures of the progress.

  2. That house is huge. They are just making it that much bigger. Isn't all the pounding fun????

  3. wow that is alot of work! good luck with everything!

  4. WOW - big changes! You must be so excited to be able to enjoy the finished product though!

  5. Poor little house.....It looks bare without the front-door over hang :-(
    A house is like a body...it's not what's on the outside that counts it all about what's inside :-)


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