September 13, 2005

Right Now

This is what the house looks like right now. I have to hurry and type this, this morning before "the builder guys" come and tear our house apart some more! They got the tresses up yesterday, and today the roof goes on....horray!! There is an end in sight. After the week we have had, I can honestly say I am happy to see an end.

I was going to blog about it last night, but then I thought I might have sounded like a raving lunatic, so I thought I would do it today. (you know how it is when you just have one of those days where everything goes bad, and you just want to vent!?!)

So here is a rundown of the chaos
-Thursday morning we had a thunderstorm roll through, and left us with leaks galore. In the windows, the cracks in the ceilings (remember we have no roof), in the kitchen and down the back of the cupboards, in our pantry and living room. It was a mess, to say the least.
-Our phone is on the fritz. We can call out of the house but can not recieve calls. I can get online only half of the times I try (which means very little peaing...boohoo)
-Dylan and Drew have runny noses, probably from living in a wet/damp house this past week.
-Dylan broke out in a rash and is going to the DR today, because we are not sure what it really is....
-Yesterday I was stuck in a loud house, with 4 scraming kids. Ususally we go out side and play for part of the day, but they were teaing off siding in the back so it was unsafe to go out. So needless to day I was a total reck last night. Pounding and constuction is one thing, but add it with 4 crazy little screaming monsters (ok...maybe not monsters)it would drive any one mad!!

I am sure there is more to add, I just don't want to bore you, and then you will never visit here again. Wish us better luck this week...please....


  1. It sounds like you had a pretty rough week...I hope this week goes better:) I can't believe the progress that has been made on the house already...do you know when it will be finished?

  2. oh my! when i saw the pics i thought for sure you were not living there for now! you poor thing you! come down and visit us till it is done!


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