September 17, 2005

Construction Complete

The house is finished, well sorta!! The "builder guys" finished up Thursday night, with the building of our addition. The house looks enormous. Nest to our neighbors little house it just looks funny. I guess once we get things like siding and a roof, a porch and some windows, it might not look so strange.

We have new stairs leading to the addition:

**this is what it looked like before:
before stairs

it was just a ledge that looked down onto the lower level of stairs.

Today John, and one of his buddies from work, started putting on the shingles. On Monday we are getting a new front porch and the hand-rail on the stairs will be put up. Then the rest will be up to us...well mostly John (it sure is good to have a handy-man around the house!!)


  1. It does look huge!!!! When will it be done? Before my mom's trip to MI, hopefully, so she can get some pic's of it :)

  2. wow! this is amazing! soo big!

  3. This is wonderful Jennifer !!
    I wish we could extend here !

  4. Comment from Uncle Mike> Oh my God...WOW!!!!
    my thought> I hope you have a light weight sweeper for stairs..LOL

  5. Wow! What a difference! Almost there...then you can enjoy alllllll the space, lol.


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