July 24, 2005

Where does the time go!?! Seriously!?

How is it possible that a whole week is gone? It seems like it was just Sunday and now it is Sunday again! I swear that the days go faster and faster each and every day. There is never enough time. I thought summer was supposed to be calm and relaxing. Yet for me it seems like it is always so much more busy and fast paced. I guess that is because there is so much more to do outside and in the garden it seems so busy, when it sometimes isn't. The weather here has been so hot and humid that it has been miserable to do anything but sit in the pool. Just this week we had a slight break in the humidity and it was so wonderful for a few days. This week just seemed extra busy.
Monday I took the boys to the park. It was the perfect afternoon, and the boys truly enjoyed themselves!!

This trip to the park proved to be a special one, when Drew followed after Dylan and went down the big slide. I will admit, it wasn't something I was really ready for, he is still my little baby! Well ok, he isn't really. This week more than ever we noticed changes in Drew, big changes. He is growing up right before our very eyes. This trip to the park, was just another shot to the heart that my fears had indeed came true. He is now a boy, no longer my little baby.

Tuesday we spent the afternoon in the pool, and in the evening I had to go to work.
Wednesday I spent the day at work. The boys spent the afternoon with my mom.
Thursday the boys and I woke up early and went to Flint to the Goodwill to buy some books for my class at Michaels. We got there and it was closed so we ran to Target. YUM!! I just love that store. We scored somegreat deals in the dollar bins, and some cool stuff in the back to school section. I am in love with the patterns and cool designs of all the back to school stuff!! We headed back to Goodwill and scored an the deal of the day = For $5.00 we got a plastic bag full childrens books, some for the boys growing collection and many for my class.

Friday morning I headed off to work again, and was home around 4:30. Dylan and I ran to the bank, and grabbed a bite to eat at Dairy Queen. Then I was off agin, back to work to teach my class, Storybook Scrapbooking (altered board books) at Michaels. I was elated to find that 9 (yes 9!!) people signed up and came to my class. They had just seen my books and were interested, a few didn't even know anything about it, just that they wanted to make them for themselves. I was one happy girl, to say the least! Teaching and chatting, scrapping and creating. All while getting piad, is the coolest thing in the world. Now I want to do it more...

Saturday, John and I took the boys to the Detroit Zoo.

This is one of our family traditions. We have taken the boys every year since birth, and we all enjoy it so much. It is always a wonderful way for us to spend quality time together as a family, and see some cool animals!!

Soooooo that is it, our week in review. Now I am never going to do that again, way too much typing in one sitting. I am going to make the time to keep up with this darn blog if it kills me. Hope everyone has a great week!!!


  1. hey girl..i missed ya! lol well you have been doing a lot and that is so cool about your class..sounds like it was tons of fun. never thought to goto the goodwill for the books. great idea!

  2. Wow, and I thought I had a busy week...How do you do it?


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