July 9, 2005

Oh happy day!!

Today John bought me (for my early birthday present)a new HP Photosmart 8450 printer!! I have been dying, ever since mine went to the crapper about two months ago. I can not live with out a printer, or photos to scrapbook...so the last few months were pure HELL!! I have taken so many great photos to scrapbook, but I had no way to print them out. Sure I could have went to the photo lab or ordered some online, but that takes time and advanced planning and neither of those I can figure out. So I had been looking around, asking fellow scrapbookers what printers they use and this was the one. I truly would LOVE a HP Photosmart 8750, but right now it is way out of my price range. OH I am so happy, I can not stop staring at this new lovely piece of beauty sitting here next to me, just smiling at me to print out some pictures! So I must oblige and get to printing...


  1. Oooh! What a great bday present!

  2. Seeeee, you got one too!!!
    I should put a pic of mine on my blog too lol.
    Looks like we had the same birthday present !

  3. holy cow that is awesome!


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