July 6, 2005

100 things to do before I die

A while ago at Two Peas someone had suggesteed a challenge to create an album of 100 things you want to do before you die. I had seen somemeone do this before and wanted to make one for myself so I started a list. I haven't gotten it too 100 yet but everyday I try to think of things and write them down. Here is what I have so far (the ones in bold are the ones I have done):
1.get married in vegas
2.go to Isle Royal
3.have babies
4.see Melissa have babies
5.visit the remaing 50 states I have yet to see
6.ride in a hot air balloon
7.see the statue of liberty
8.walk in the labor day bridge walk on the Mackinac Bridge
9.become a grandma
10.see the apple blossoms bloom in DC
11.own a giraffe PEZ
12.have a scrapbok page published
13.own a cabin on lake superior
14.get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
15.have a dog as a pet
16.learn to knit
17.go to a scrapbook crop
18.enter the CK HOF contest
19.touch the pacific ocean
20.go to Australia
21.climb a mountain
22.see a show on broadway
23.scuba dive
24.see the grand canyon
25.see my boys get married
27.go with John to cedar point
28.go to a drive-in movie
29.take an Alaskan cruise
30.spend a day at the spa
31.go to yellowstone
32.go on a family vacation to Disney World
33.attend my 25th high school reunion
34.ice skate a Rockaffeller Center
35.attend CKU
36.swim with dolphins
37.own a yellow mustang convertable
38.Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it
39.learn to play guitar
40.shower in a waterfall
41.Learn to ballroom dance
42.plant a tree
43.Be a member of the audience in a TV show
44.Watch the launch of the space shuttle
45.Create our Family Tree
46.Look into my child's eyes, see myself, and smile
47.learn to golf
48.bowl a 300 game
49.find a job I love
50.take an astronomy class
----more to come---
edited to add:
51.go to europe to meet Isa
52.meet a NKOTB
53.ride in a horse-drawn carriage
54.see the lilacs bloom on Mackinaw Island
53.grow a garden
54.learn to cook
55.sleep under the stars
56.watch the sunset from a beautiful place
57.Own (and watch) all 6 seasons of "Sex and the City" on DVD
58.Have my eyebrows waxed
59.get a tattoo
---more to come---
100.finish this scrapbook

This site has a list to test your self on, and see how your life is going. I also go some of my list from there!


  1. A looooong way to go to achieve all that ! I love your list ! Where's "visit Isabelle in Europe" ?? lol

  2. Wow...what a list! When you come out here to visit we could scratch a few things off your list!

  3. What a good idea...I am doing this on my blog too, and it just dawned on me that you forgot something...Meet and date one of the NKOTB! How could you forget that!

  4. What a great list. I need to do that too. I have made a list in my head for things I need to do before I am 30. It's coming so soon.

  5. Glad to see you added #52 :)

  6. what? you have a tatoo? too cool love the list!

    and hey if you goto europe to visit isa count me in!

  7. ok......guys listen up!
    I'm (as most of you know> 58....and I scored: 55 I think that's terrific...meaning? I started at the age of 3 yrs old...lol
    Oh and 1 that was not put on the list> Tap dance on T.V....I was 10yrs old!
    see kids age does have advantages.
    Luv ya's


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