June 13, 2005


Lately things for me have been busy. It is hard to keep up with it all here, it seems like the days go by so quickly. So here is a quick recap of the past few days:
Sunday we took the boys and Miss Emily (Dylans Girlfriend) to see Dora the Explorer. We stopped at McD's in Detroit for lunch and some playplace fun. Home for naps. Went to Fathers Day dinner (a week early) at Outback (yum!!).
Monday we went to lunch and shopping. Dylans new favorite store, besides Target, is Toys-B-Us. Don't ask me where he got the name, but that is what he calls it...I think it is pretty darn cute!! There we bought some pretty darn cool swimming fish for the pool. As soon as we got home I headed off to work.
Tuesday we spent loungin in the backyard, in the pool. Fun and scary at the same time. The boys thought it was cool to watch mom jump in the pool, but then I thought Drew (the fearless) was going to do it too, YIKES!! Dylan swam really good in his little baby float, chasing around the fish. I got some quiet time to scrap in the afternoon. And then I was off to work again.

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  1. Toys-B-us LOLOLOL, I love that one !


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