June 23, 2005

a day off...finally

I finally have a day off, today!! I have been working like crazy lately at Michaels helping set up and rearrange the memory (aka scrapbooking)department. It has been a lot of lifting and moving, very tiring. So when I got home it has been dinner and then to bed. No time to keep up with the blog, scrapbooking, my garden...anything! Now I realize all the things I have to catch up on, and it is overwhelming. I have given up hope on my whole one photo a day posting and my one project a week is put on hold for now. Oh well this is life, I guess you go with the flow and take the good and the bad, the busy and the hectic as it is tossed at you. Now off to do something to catch up...


  1. i feel the same way! i am busy with the pool and work and running around the house is a war zone! oh well i am just going to wait till fall to clean! lol

  2. Your a work-aholic...Like mother like daughter:)


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