May 19, 2005

Our little girl!?!

No, we did not have another baby. It is just our sweet Drew dressed up in a wig! I thought he looked like a cabbage patch kid, when he had this wig on, he looked so adorable. Seeing his in this wig mad me wonder what our little girl would look like, if we were ever to have one. I would love to have another child, and possibly a girl...just not anytime in the near future! It is fun thought to dream and imagine how beautiful she whould be. For now I can just play dress up with my pretty boy, Drew. (I just hope it doesn't have any long term damage on his manhood!!)

Oh, yea, almost forgot to add that Dylan hates the wig! When we put it on Drew he screamed and ran away. He wouldn't even let us put it anywhere near him. Another example of how different my boys are, I swear they are like night and day ,thsoe two!


  1. So cute! Sorry to hear you have been so busy but hopefully things will slow down. I wouldn't worry so much about bloggin because you are trying to spend more time on what's important - your family. Take care ~

  2. too cute!! i know what you mean about having a girl. i have both and i am glad, but then i say oh i wish ashley had a sister and joey had a brother...so it never ends! you will do what is in your heart, don't fret over it!

  3. he does look like a cabbage patch kid! LOL! is their an xavier signature on his bum too?!? hee!


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