May 9, 2005

Mothers Day

What a day.
It seems like we never get to spend time together anymore, as a family.
With both or one of us always working, it is rare to find a whole day to spend together.
Yesterday was a wonderful day, not just because it was Mothers day, but because it was a day spent with family.
We sleep in until almost 8.
The boys gave me this sweet card.

We went out to breakfast.
Did a little shopping at Target (fun!!) and Circuit City for a Mothers Day present (a new TV) for Grandma.
Played around in the backyard.
We ran over to Home Depot and got some plants and other needs for the backyard.
Did some grocery shopping.
Worked in the backyard.
Dylan and I planted these new plants in this side garden.

John spread some grass seed.
We ate a yummy dinner cooked on the grill.
Dylan took a bath.
Drew had a temper tantrum (because he was so tired)

Got the boys in thier PJ's
Dylan and Grandma watched the funny show (America's funniest home videos) on Grandmas new TV.
The boys and I went to Dairy Queen for Ice cream.
John and I watched Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy.
We went to bed.

It seems lik a long day, when it is all listed out.
But it flew by so fast.
Time spent with my family, just doing the everyday things are the times I treasure the most. I wish we could spend more days, all day, together like this. But I guess when they are rare, it makes them even more special!!


  1. how sweet! i'm glad your day was great! love that yawn picture!

  2. what a good day you had ! I love that picture of Drew yawning ! (And I love desperate housewives too ;-))


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