May 19, 2005

I'm back

Geez, it has been forever since I wrote on my blog. Life has been busy, I have had little or no time to write, or even scrap lately...that makes me sad. I have been busy working.Work, work, work...it is all I seen to do anymore. John has a hard time keeping up with where I am working, and at what times. He even went to the wrong place to pick me up one night, when I was working at the other job...men!! I have also been trying to get things done in my gardens, while spending time out side playing with the boys. It has been pretty dreary weather here lately, so we are living it up in the little amount of sunshine we have had.

The boys are well, Dylan has almost mastered the potty, YIPEE!! We are so excited for him, but not quite as excited as he is for himself. Last Saturday night we had a euchre party and everyone that came in the door got a personal door greetings from Dylan exclaiming, "I can go pee pee on the potty!!" Not the best way to welcome people into your home, but everyone got a laugh out of it! Drew is our little trouble maker. Grandma told him today that hew was trouble, and he replied "bubble" (his cute pronunciation of trouble). Now when you ask his who is trouble he points to himself, and says bubble,...the cute little stinker. When he gets into trouble he just looks at you with this innocent little face, it makes it had to be mad at him!!

I have still been trying to get my one project a week done.This week I got these frames for the handprints of the boys to hang up in their bedroom. They fit perfectly on the wall with the D's, that were already hanging up there.

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