May 2, 2005

days gone by

Man...how the days fly by any more, I can't ever keep up! It seems like the minutes tick by so fast and there is always something more to do in those fast few minutes.

This weekend was another one of those busy times.

On friday night I went to see Hairspray at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. It was so unbelievably awesome!! My mom, Jude, Melissa, Tammy and Cindy and I all want together for a girls night out. It is rare that we all get together and when we do, we joke that we "ARE A FUN FAMILY"!

Here is a photo of Melissa nd I at Hockeytown Cafe, where we ate dinner.Melissa and I grew up watching the movie Hairspray, it was one of our very favorites. The musical did not dissapoint, I would suggest going to see it if it is ever in your area!!!

Saturday and Sunday we bowled in the womens City Tournament in Flint. Over all we did well and I, well I don't want to brag...but I bowled like I have never bowled before in my life!! I had a 200 game and a 500 series, which I have been working toward all season. As it stands right now I am in 3rd place for the singles division, 13th place for doubles, and in the top 20 for all events!

Sunday night was a long awaited even in our ouse too...Dylan finally used the potty!!!
We were all so excited and so was he. We called Uncle Judy and Aunt Melissa and Dylan told them the good news, he was so excited. It is offical he is a big boy now. We just have to keep it going, wish us luck!!!


  1. What a great weekend!

  2. Way to go Dylan !!!!
    Melissa just started too, well....once.
    You are such a BIG boy now {hugssssss}


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