April 20, 2005

Time well spent

The time I spend with the boys is my absolute favorite thing to do. They are so fun and energetic, so full of life. They make each one of my days special and lively. With Spring upon us, finally, the boys and I have been spending a lot of time together out side. A couple days now we have spent time playing at the Park. The park is much better than it was when I was growing up, because it has this rockin new play structure. Dylan loves the slides !!

and playing with all the other kids.
Drew loves the tunnels,the little fire truck wheel, and the slides.

This time is so precious to me.
These are the moments I want to remember, forever.
This is time well spent.


  1. Love that bottom picture!!! :) SOOOOO cute!

  2. the pics are great! believe it or not..it is getting too hot to go already! love the nice weather but not when it is HOT!! thanks for reminding me what is important!

  3. I LOVE park photos! They provide the best kind of color schemes. And your precious one here is simply precious. :D Sooooo cute!

  4. These pics are so cute and these times sooooo special !


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