April 20, 2005


OK, so I want to do this challenge with Tara, but my first week...well it didn't go so well. The procrastinator in me just won't let me get anything done! So I have decided not to let that happen anymore. I am going to take Tara's challenge, to do one project a week!! There I have it in writing so I HAVE to do it!!

This week I want to get some back and white photos printed up of the boys to fill this frame
that I got for Christmas. The frame has been hanging on our bedroom wall since then, but I still haven't gotten any photos in it.

We have these two frames on the opposite wall of our room. One frame for each boy, with some of my favorite photos of each of them.


  1. hey girl- at least you got it up on the wall! :)

  2. those are going to look great! don't worry you will get it done...just keep taking the photos! Love the wall color!


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