April 24, 2005

A Day out with Thomas

Today we went to The Henry Ford for
"A Day out with Thomas".

We bought our tickets over a month ago, and decided that we should go on the last day available, so the weather would be nicer. We couldn't have been more wrong!! Todays high temperature was somewhere near the freezing point and the wind chill was well below that!! Despite the weather, we had a great time

The boys both got cool Thomas tattoos on their hands:

Took a train ride with Thomas:

Smiled for some photos with Thomas:

Rode on an old fashioned carousel:
(Dylan rode on this frog, Drew on a Horse)

And got huge Thomas balloons:
(the days highlight by far!)

All in all, it was a fun day out with the family. We had the best time that we could, in a once-in-a-lifetime spring snow storm. At the end of the trip John and I decided that today they should have changed the name of the event to "A Day Out with Thomas, To Freeze Your Ass Off!!!


  1. it looks soo cold!! that looks fun, we can do that in NC but it is a far drive!

  2. wow that did look cold...i'm so glad that you talked about this, i went to see if they were coming here and they ARE! :) Ashton's gonna be stoked!!

  3. My little guy Zack would just die to go see Thomas! What a fun day even if it was so very cold!

  4. Shame it was so cold, it must have been so much fun !


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