March 24, 2005


Ahhh, spring break is finally here!! 11 full days without E&J. I get a break from the chaos that this house becomes with four little ones, ages 3 and younger, running around. Just getting to watch my own two little guys, is a vacation in itself!

Lately things in my daily life seem to have become too much. Overwhelming at times. Trying to balance the daily household routine, as well as watching 4 kids during the day, spending time with John, working a new part time job at night, and trying to create and submit scrapbook designs. It has just gotten to be overwhelming. Over spring break I will attempt to cut back and not try to do too much. I am going to take the time and enjoy the little things that I overlook amid the chaos that has become my everyday life.

1 comment :

  1. wow you are one busy girl! have fun and enjoy..we are taking a mini vacation! can't wait!


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