April 3, 2017

Make a page Monday | Week 13

Hello week 13! Lucky number 13! Maybe I should take it as a sign to not start this project :P

Tomorrow starts the 100 Day Project and if you do anything creative on instagram I am sure you have heard of this project. Creatives have been doing it for a while and I attempted to participate last year with 100 days of photographs and made it about 20 days in. This year my goal is to create 100 scrapbook pages. One per day for 100 days. Wish me luck! I am pumped to give it a shot and have rekindled my love of digital scrapbooking as well as my love of the project life app and scrapbooking on my phone!

This is my first layout for day 1 documenting my goals and plans to tackle this huge but exciting project. I will be sharing all of my layouts daily on my instagram if you want to follow along. I will also continue to share my favorites here on my blog every monday!
Cheers to being creative and pushing oneself to an end goal! Wish me luck!

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