June 1, 2015

These Little Wonders: Closing Up Shop!

I have some news and big changes in the works for These Little Wonders: My little online shop at BigCartel!


The big news for now is that I am closing my shop at BigCartel!  
All products currently in the shop can be picked up at 50% off for one week only! The shop is closing for good at midnight June 7th! To take advantage of the sale, just enter "GOODBYE" in the discount box at checkout!!

I opened my shop in the beginning of 2013, and have been so blessed with great customers and friends shopping my products! I have learned so much over the years and am forever grateful for the people I have come into contact with, near and far through this little shop!

Here are three of the top selling items in the shop from over the years!

1. Currently: The Bundle:
2. Daily Life Polaroid Templates:
3. Year in Review Template:


I am excited for the direction These Little Wonders will take in the future and hope you will be excited about it too!! Stay tuned....

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