January 11, 2015

Tutorial: Creating my 2014 Project Life Title Cards

finally finished up my 2014 Project Life album & am super inspired to get started on 2015!! Thanks to the ease and look of the Collect Photo App, the Project Life App and the Rhonna Designs App!! I have been sharing my pages along the way on my Instagram account and have gotten quite a few requests to share how I create my title cards each week! I would love to be able to record a video showing how I create them, but I can't figure out how to do that...so, here is a step by step tutorial with some screenshots :)

I use the Rhonna Designs App to create my title cards for each weekly spread. 

To start I select a patterned paper or journaling card pattern I want to use on the top 1/2 of my title card. I use the project life app to create the 4x6. 

To create a 4x6 card select the orange pie piece (on the apps main screen) and select the 4x6 card. 

Select the patterned paper or card you want to use (I used a paper from the seafoam edition for my card here, imported to the project life app via Dropbox!) and save your card to your camera roll. 

The next step is the open the 4x6 in the Rhonna Designs App

Select the first box (the roll of film) and open the 4x6 card

Select the 4x6 3:2 box to make the card the correct dimensions to work in the Project Life App. 

To give yourself 1/2 of the card to type your month, months & week of,      

 move the 4x6 card to the top 1/2 and leave the bottom half open white space.

To add the words select the text tool (the T in the top left corner and the font packs menu will be displayed. For the date you want to choose the first font pack: Rhonnas Favorites, and use the first font that is displayed on the font reel along the bottom of the app:

Double tap the text box to change the text to the month that corresponds with your project life page.

To resize the word place your finger on the circle in the bottom right corner of the word and stretch it to the size you want. (Eyeball this and you can always go back and change it if it is too small/large) you can select the color you want to word to be at this time in the color pallet that pops up on the bottom, once your word is typed. 


The next step is similar to the first. You will want to create another text box for the "week of: may 26- June 1" portion. To add additional text boxes in the app, you have to select the plus sign (+) in the top left corner. The font menu selection will pop up and let you pick a font to use for the second text box. (the font I have been using is in the Rhonna Faves 2, the second font on the bottom menu). Type in the words, size, recolor & place it on the bottom of the card. 

For the last part of the title card, create another text box (select the + in the top left corner) and type in the abbreviations for the months of the year. (I use the same font for this text box, as I did for the month/first text box). Size, move, recolor and place in between the two text boxes already on the card. 

The card is now complete! You can move items and change colors to your liking. (I always try to coordinate my font colors to those in the paper I use or the photos in my weekly spread!)
Once the card is to your liking you will want to save it to your camera roll. To do that select the turquoise box with three lines and hit the share button. 

  Save the card (I select high resolution) 
And select save image:

The finished 4x6 card will now be in your camera roll. You can now add it to a 4x6 spot in the Project Life App:

Continue to add photos, journaling cards or anything else you want to make your page complete!!

Feel free to leave me a comment here or on my Instagram page if you have any questions and I would be more than happy to answer them!


  1. Hi, thank you for this great tutorial. I'm not sure how I found you but I've enjoyed looking at your project life pages. Could I ask you, do you do a 1page spread for each week or a double page? And I noticed you had some different font writing on your Collect photo how did you do that? Thank you.

    1. Hi Danni, thank you for your kind words!! When I started with Project Life 3 years ago, I would create 2 page spreads digitally. As of mid-2014 I have just been creating a one page spread uwing the project life app & my iphone apps! In the collect app, you can change the different card styles, and I am using the "Annette" style. If you tap on your photo card in the collect app a box will pop up at the bottom that gives you options to Edit Design - Change Design - Cancel. If you select the Change Design button it will show you 7 different design to choose from & there you can change to look of the cards :D I hope that helps!


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