January 18, 2015

Hello 2015: Focus!

Every year as the new year is upon us I set pretty much the same goals. Read more books, spend more time with family, exercise more, take more photos...the usual ;) For the past three years I have also been selecting one little word to follow me along throughout the year to inspire, push me to change and encourage growth. This year my word is Focus.


I want to FOCUS more on the important things in life by cutting out distractions. I want to FOCUS and set small attainable goals to complete, one day at a time! I will FOCUS on a healthier lifestyle, to be more active and go on more adventures outside. I want to FOCUS on completing what I have started, to finish a project before I take on a new one (hello...all you scrapbook/project life albums). I will FOCUS on recording the everyday as my boys grow older. I will FOCUS on real quality time with those I love. In the end I want to FOCUS on welcoming change in 2015 and all the new adventures it may bring.

I created this page tonight as an opening page for my OLW album for 2015. For the past few years I have picked out a word I haven't really done much with them, they were just there throughout the year pushing me along. This year I want to at least create one page a month to put together an album and track my progress:

I also started an inspiration board on Pinterest, with quotes and word art to keep me motivated to FOCUS!

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  1. This is great, Jen! I guess I'll be pinning your pins. I never thought to look for FOCUS and make an inspiration board. I totally need FOCUS.


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