January 22, 2014

New In The Shop: Currently

My poor project life album this year is seriously unloved. Every time I open photoshop to work on it, I end up creating something new I want to use for my album! This go round I wanted to include some of the things we have been doing currently and ended up with two sets of journaling cards. Go figure ;) Its just where my heart is right now, creating new things!! I love it!

So here are the new that are now available in my shop:

 and a bundle of the two collections! Buy both and save :)

and a peek at week 2 of my project life album. I still haven't decided on how this album will be this year. One page or two? All instagram photos or not? All white or dare I add color? Those are the questions in my head every time I work on it, and I guess you can see why I create new things instead ;)

 I am loving the simplicity of this single page format so far:

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