December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013

What can I say about 2013. It has been magical and wonderful. It has been full of great memories. It had its ups and downs. It was so crazy busy at times, I thought I might loose my mind. It was so much fun sharing these moments with my boys. It was one I want to remember, forever!! 

To wrap up the year I created my traditional year in review layout:  

This layout is something I started in 2006, when I was a paper scrapper, and have been creating one each year. Every January they hang in our hallway & then find their home as the title page of each yearly scrapbook! I love them so much that when I went digital in 2009 I created a template for myself to make the process that more simple. I am happy to share that now you can get this template, and start your own yearly tradition, in my shop!

Here are a look at a few of the layouts I have created over the past few years:

You can see years 2004-2008 HERE and read all about how I went about creating this layout as a paper scrapper :)

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