October 17, 2013

How to modify a PL template

I always love when people ask questions here, but feel like the answers go unanswered or missed. So I thought I would take a few minutes to share the answer to this question Elisabeth asked last week.

For my last two Project Life layouts I have used this same "modified" template and pretty much love it!

Since I used a very similar title card each week to give my album a cohesive look, I always use a template with a 4x6 slot in the upper left hand corner. I also have been loving the smaller sizes on the newer templates, the 4x4 squares that are perfect for Instagram photos.

To make this new template I have been using Template A & Template K and taking the bottom row of squares off of K and replacing the bottom row of 4x6's on template A. Make sense!?

If not here is a little step by step:

Open both Template A and Template K in PSE (this is the program I use...you can use anyone you have!)

 In the layers palate, highlight the bottom 3 squares on template K
(hold the shift key while clicking with your mouse, to highlight multiple layers )
 drag the 3 highlighted layers to Template A
 Now the 3 square layers are a part of template A
In the layers palate deselect both bottom 4x6's.
The little square with an eye in it (sorry I don't know the correct term...lol) on each layer in the layers palate, will turn the visibility of each layer on & off.
 and now you have a new template with 2 4x6 at the top and 3 4x4's at the bottom :)
I hope that makes sense & gives you some tips on how to modify your own PL templates to make it work for you! Because in all honesty that IS what Project Life is all about :)


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I had no idea you could drag layers from template to template. This opens up so many possibilities!

  2. No way! I tried once to do this and it pulled in all the layers as one layer.....must have done something wrong...going to try this again tonight! yay! thanks!


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