March 12, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 8

Hello Week 8! 
It has been a busy week here and I have missed working on this project. This week is a little less hectic so I hope to get caught up with my album!

I just love all of these childhood mini kits, I can't pick a favorite...the great thing about digital, I don't have to I can mix & match them all :D 

Here is a look at our week:

The word art on the title card here is from the Turquoise edition. The colors worked perfectly together!
I hardly used my "real" camera during the 2nd part of the week so I changed up my usual Design A to Design F and used mostly instagram photos here:
Keeping it simple and calling it done, on to week 9...

Supplies Used:


  1. Beautiful pages, Jen! I used Wellington for Week 8, too. I was surprised how much I like it. I wish I could remember to use templates other than Design A. It never crosses my mind until I see someone else use something different.

  2. Love the Wellington edition and I love how you put together the turquoise word art for the title card. Just love the colours and photos you chose to include this week. Thanks Jennifer. Cool that you got published and are working on something for hsn

  3. couple of questions: How do you print your pages? 12 x 12 pages or as a book?
    What do you do if you use a smaller template, say a G template which is 10 x 12?
    do you leave the background on your pages as white?

    1. Jennifer I print my pages 12 x 12 through persnickety prints and slip them into 12x12 page protectors in the seafoam binder. I have yet to use a smaller template, but if I did I would do the same thing. Keep the background white and print them out via Persnickety and add them to the album :)

    2. Thanks! I look forward to following your digital project life this year!


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