March 1, 2013

Project Life 2012: Week 40

I will finish 2012...slowly I am inching my way there :) So happy to have reached October which is quite possibly my favorite month of the year! Only a few more weeks to go and although it has taken me a while to work on 2012, I still love it! Love the process of collecting photos and piecing all the words & elements together!

This week I used This Year | Elements by Scotty Girl Design:

as well as one of her This Year | Journal Overlays
 (which are so fun to use to overlay photos or create your own journaling cards!)

Here is a look at our week:

I have a million +1 photos of our hot air balloon ride, I seriously thought about including here, but decided to go with one XL photo instead. I made a decision to put ALL of those photos together in one photo book rather than trying to squeeze them in the PL album. And I am totally happy with that decision!

I recently had someone (Hi Marty!) ask how I go about putting large size photos in my album, so I thought I would share it here today! It is really quite simple! I just open up the photo I want to use and size it on top of the template, how I want it to look (minus the openings). Then I copy the photo 8 times (one for each opening in the template) and move one copy of the photo over each layer. From there I clip each photo to the individual layer (ctrl + g) and the end result looks a little something like this!

So there it is another week done and in the book :)

Now back to work on 2013...


  1. You can also make a copy of all the background templates you will be clipping to. Have them all selected and then right click and select "merge layers". This will treat it as one layer to clip to and you just bring the large picture in and clip once. Either way works but just figured I'd share this way since I just learned how to do this as well!

    1. Thanks for the awesome tip Meghan, that sound way easier than the way I was doing it!!

  2. Thanks for both of these techniques. Can't wait to try them.


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