February 18, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 6

Hello Week 6! 

This week I played around a little bit with the Olive Edition. "Olive Edition, what?" you say..."That looks nothing like the Olive Edition..." Well you would be right.

The Olive edition is absolutely stunning. Flora patterns, soft colors, very girly and frilly...everything that my PL album is not. So I decided to play around with it a little bit to make it work with my album :)

The first thing I did was recolor some of the cards to match the colors in the my album (aka the seafoam edition). Everything that was cream became white, the greens and pinks changed to orange, grey and turquoise.

For the little tabs here on page 2, I simply cropped them out of one of the Olive journaling cards, to use the words individually. (You could totally use a hole punch to cut them out of the traditional kit as well!) It is a fun and simple way to create your own elements from the kit to use in your PL album!!

All in all I learned a lot playing around with this beautiful kit! I found out that I definitely should not make decisions by looking at the previews. I learned that recoloring is my favorite thing about digital scrapbooking! It opens up a world of possibilities! I learned that I love this edition! There are so many great journaling cards & elements of this kit that I will be using again and again this year in my PL album!!

P.S. the Olive Edition in both digital & traditional are on sale 20% off, for a few more hours (midnight EST) if you wanted to pick up one for yourself!!


  1. Jen, you are SOOOO clever! Seriously, I never thought about recoloring Olive! I had to study on your pages because it looked like Seafoam, but I knew it wasn't Seafoam. Then I read what you wrote. =) LOVE the way you cut the words from the card, too! I'm linking this on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. You are so sweet Donna thank you!!!

  2. Love your creativity in this page! And you gave me a good idea: recoloring! :)

  3. Love your idea of recolouring the olive kit (which I also have!) - any chance you could explain how you do the recolouring?


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