February 5, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 4

Another week in the bag baby! Loving this year so much. Keeping it simple and just getting it done...happy happy! This week I changed up my color scheme and added in more yellow to make it a little more happy. Right now (here in MI) it is so wintery and dreary this is how I get my color fix...through PL ;)

To create two of these journaling cards (1 & 3 above) I cut & recolored words (currently &Today) out of this seafoam piece of paper and added them to blank journaling cards!

All the words together are just too busy for my personal style, but I love how the look individually and give you simple prompts for daily journaling :)

Again for this week I did a week on instagram recap...since I would have to have a whole other page just to get them all in the album ;) For this one I took a screenshot of my instagram feed  here on the computer and pasted it onto a 4x6 document in photoshop & added the text. This is my new favorite way to add a lot of small photos without having to use a template!

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  1. Jennifer, your pages are, well, perfect! They're bright and happy. I love your clean style.


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