February 4, 2013

Love on my mind

With Valentines day right around the corner I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do this year to make it a special day for my boys. We usually don't make a bit fuss, just do a few small things to let each other know we love them. 

In 2009 they got valentine heart suckers (and I got them to pose for some fun photos) :

In 2010 they got a few little gifts and I make a scavenger hunt for them to find them:

In 2011 we were in the middle of a move and the day was uneventful. Valentine parties at school for the boys and a few little presents waiting at home:

Last Drew was sick around valentines day and all the rest of us had just gotten over the sickies. So again it was a normal day, the boys had their school parties so we did the traditional valentine cards but other than that....nada :(

This year I am planning a special meal & have a few ideas for some activities floating around thanks to pinterest. Now I need to get busy planning it all out and make it happen!

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