January 5, 2013

Right Now: Aiden

This year I want to do a better job documenting the little things, the here and now, the things I will forget come next week when he is doing something entirely new & oh so cute :)

Right now he is in love with this new LEGO minifigure: "Joe Go". Who had to go to dinner with us tonight and pretty much everywhere else throughout the day.

Right now he is not feeling well. A little runny nose, a barking cough and a little fever.

Right now he loves to sit on my lap as I work on the computer (he is here right now). We snuggle and chat and he makes my legs go numb because he is getting so big!

Right now he love to carry & hug the cats, which the cats pretty much hate...its not pretty!

Right now "Momma (Ma) look at..." is his favorite phrase. Pretty sure I hear it 50+ times a day and as much as the repetition drives me crazy, I love it!!

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