January 18, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 2

Week 2 of Project Life 2013 is complete :) This week I used a similar color scheme as last, using colors primarily from the Seafoam and Bridgeport kits.

 I am so in love with the prompt cards from Bridgeport! LOVE!! They definitely help tell the story of our everyday life.
 For the "This week on instagram" card I took a screenshot of my instagram feed on the computer and added it to a 4 x 6 blank card in photoshop. Since I am pretty obsessed with instagram right now I wanted to have it recorded :) Here is a simple tutorial of how to take a screenshot! This is a quick and easy way to add parts of your on-line life to your Project Life album!
The camera card is available to download for free here! I just recolored it to work with my color scheme this week!

Keeping things simple & getting it done. Love this project :)



  1. I LOVE your pages, Jen! I also love Instagram, and, if it's okay, I'm going to borrow your Instagram idea. Thanks for the camera cards! =)

  2. Love this!!! What font is "Simple Comforts"?

    1. Faithspage the "simple comforts" is a digital brush by Karla Dudley available at Pixels & company!!

  3. My bigger boy is in love with Dragonvale here too... Lots of feed and collecting going on :-)

  4. Loving the colours you used! Those kits work really well together, especially in a boy heavy family!

  5. Sweetie, you always makes me WOW when I saw your pages, you rock!

  6. I just saw this on pinterest, and I had to say how much I LOVE how you recolored the picture of your son making a basket! What an amazing way to showcase the important story in the pic! So glad I saw this because my oldest (4) just started soccer, and now I'm hoping to get a similar shot.


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