January 13, 2013

Project Life 2012: Week 37

Here is where things might get confusing. I am still working on my 2012 Project Life album, and have started my 2013 simultaneously...so I will be posting both here on the blog to share, at the same time...so beware!

I am loving this project so very much right now! A clean slate for 2013 and seeing the final few weeks (15 more to go!!) of 2012 come together is making me SO HAPPY :) I can't say it enough! Project Life brings me such joy! Going through all these everyday photos and memories and putting them all together in one place is, well...awesome!

So here is week 37 from 2012:

This week I had a lot...ok all...of my photos that were taken with my iphone. Normally when I take a photo I love I process them through instagram using the Valencia filter. I personally like the look that Valencia gives my photos, so I use that one filter 95% of the time! For the few photo I hadn't processed with instagram, I used an action by The Pioneer Woman (you can download them for free here!) called seventies, to give them all a consistent vintage look. Once I had the look of the photos the way I wanted them I dug through my digital stash (it's huge!) and found a kit by Cosmo Cricket called Upcycle to pull it all together. Sadly Cosmo Cricket is no longer selling their digital kits, but you may be able to still find it in paper.

and that is what our week looked like! Questions & or comments? Leave me a quick comment & I am happy to share tips/tricks & ideas :)


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