January 2, 2013


A few months ago I saw this little poster on the typo facebook page and instantly fell in love with it. 

At the time I wanted to make it my new motto, I loved the idea, just never made the time to implement it into my life. With the start of 2013 I am setting a resolution to do just that.  For the past 2 days I have been jotting & journaling thoughts and goals for 2013 and what I hope 2013 will bring to me and my family. While jotting notes I was seeing all these wonderful posts about one little word. This is the first year that I have chosen a word for myself, and I am truly excited about it! This year my word is MORE. I definitely feel it will help motivate me through these next 12 months. So tonight I sat down and created this little word art to hang in our home and give me a daily reminder to live more in 2013!

So here is to 2013. May it fill our lives with more...


  1. More Life into our days! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your Word. Great choice!


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