March 20, 2012

Project Life: Week 9

The weather here has been absolutely wonderful lately. I have to admit I have been spending all of my usual daily computer time out side. So I find myself playing catch up...again...story of my life :P

For this week I kept everything pretty simple. I find some weeks (usually when I have more free time, lol) I like to add more little embellishments and other weeks, well I just like to get it done!

 Here is a look at week 9:
This week my color scheme was based on the today is beautiful filler card from the clementine kit. I took the colors from the polka dots and used them to make my title card, omitting the pink from it. With three boys pink just doesn't make much of an appearance in my scrapbooks!
Leap day, a basketball game, a movie, and date night made for a pretty busy end of the week, and start of the month!
Anyone else see The Lorax? We absolutely loved it, super cute story and absolutely lovely graphics/colors!! I will admit I am quite addicted to The Lorax Truffula Shuffula app on my iphone right now too :P

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