February 9, 2012

Project Life Week 4

The sick bug is vising our house again, unfortunately...poor Drew has it this time. A not so fun filled week off of school for him. I too have been out of sorts this week, woke up Sunday morning so dizzy I could hardly stand up. Went to the Dr. to find out I have vertigo. So suffice to say, I have not felt like myself at all this week!

I was able to finish up week 4 of project life. The 2nd half of the two-page spread ended up being pretty simple. Photos + words and not much else, but that how it goes sometimes!

Just happy to have another week completed for the book :)

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  1. I am just loving your PL layouts! We LOVE Cafe Cortina - got to go there a couple years ago for our anniversary. :) Hope you are all feeling better soon!


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