February 23, 2010

hello again

I must say this month is just flying by...which is definitely a good thing :) I am enjoying winter, it is absolutely beautiful here right now with the snow on the ground and all over the trees & bushes....but...I am ready for spring :) Ready and waiting ;)

So lets see what have I been up to lately? Honestly, it feels like a whole lot of nothing. And yet, my days are busy busy, with work, boys, household chores, grocery shopping, and the best of all scrapbooking! ha ha. I have been staying up late just about every night either watching to olympics or scrapbooking.

There are so many awesome kit in the Two Peas Store lately. Today was amazing! Digital Designer Vinnie Pearce joined the team of designers at Two Peas, and I am LOVING IT!!! I just made this layout using one of her Give Me Simple Templates, and it seriously took me less than 15 minutes. Love that!! Simple is good :)

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