January 29, 2010

Report Card Day

Today was an exciting day at our house...dun dun dun...report card day!

It is always exciting to see how the boys are doing in school, to see if they are up to speed and how they behave when they are not with me ;) I am happy to report that they both are doing well :) Happy momma dance!

Drew always worries me because he is so shy, and holds in his emotions (just like me) to the point that it makes group work a struggle. He has been doing better though, everyday building up his confidence and learning to take each new challenge in stride. Dylan on the other hand is my social butterfly and even had a comment on his report card that said "Is a friend to everyone", so I never have to worry about him in that department. With him, it is the reading, writing, and spelling that we will be doing a little more work on at home. Good to see what I can do here at home to make school and learning a little bit better :)

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