November 10, 2009


November has been the busies month...and yet I feel like I have accomplished nothing, NOTHING!

Ever have a month like that!?

I was planning on creating this BIG LONG LOVING post about Drew my sweet little guy who just turned 6! Well, turned 6...5 days ago ;) I was going to go through all of his photos from over the years and post about how much he has changed, how much he is still my little baby boy, how much i love being with him, how much he frustrates me to no end...almost everyday ;) About how he is my mini me, and that he is my snuggler (still). That he is one of the best things in my life and I can't wait to share 6+ more years with him! BUT...but but but...I did not. I suck. Things go so busy I just never got around to it. It is still on my to do list, and I will make a layout with this info and all those pictures I never got around to. I WILL, and I will do it soon. Mark my word!!

Since I am a big fat slacker of a mom I will at least share this layout of the two of us:

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