July 8, 2009

At the moment...

*Outside my window.....it is dark.

*I am thinking.....I am so so glad to have the next two days off of work :D

*I am thankful for....family and friends who are there when I need them!

*From the kitchen.....spaghetti on a nice cool summer evening, yum!

*I am wearing....yoga pants and my purple Bordine shirt that I have yet to change out of. ha ha!

*I am creating.....a little something something for Audrey Neal's lyrics and words challenge #5.

*I am going....to bed as soon as I finish typing this

*I am reading....Total Control by David Baldacci

*I am hoping....that i win the lotto tonight :D

*I am hearing....silence. and i love it.

*Around the house....we have piles and piles of stuff waiting to be priced for our garage sale.

*One of my favorite things... reading books with the boys all cuddle up together

*Plans for the rest of the week....tackle my two page to-do list and check off a few things on our summer 100 list :D

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