May 27, 2009

Summer "to do" List

Last week, I received a newsletter in my email from {we are} storytellers and in it Emily Powers talked about her sister Angela who's family had created a list of 100 things they wanted to do this summer.

"A summer activity guide. Ordinary and curious, free and extravagant, lazy and enterprising--their summer dreams are alive and hopeful, ready to jump, skip, spin and hop.

No. 07: Have a cupcake picnic.
No. 32: Jump in rain puddles.
No. 60: Make tie dyed t-shirts.
No. 24: Run through the sprinkler.
No. 88: Go to a carnival.
No. 47: Watch the sunset at the beach.
..Since Angela is a storyteller, her family's list ends this way:
No. 99: Collect a treasure from each adventure.
No. 100: Make a box to hold our treasures."

Of course it totally inspired the list maker in me to get busy and make a list for our family this summer!

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